Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Smile Can Change Everything :)

Sometimes when a person is sad, seeing that the people you care about smiling at you and saying everything is okay, it changes everything, as long as you can feel the warmth from that smile, no matter how moody you are the warm smile will change everything :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nobody Is Perfect :)

Sometimes I sit and wonder about the imperfect world, was it because of us? Was it what god wanted to happen to us? I always sat and wondered about these things, but now I got my answer, nobody is perfect, everyone will make mistakes, it isn't what god wanted, god was always trying to help us make the world better, the way I think is also about you, you are just like everyone else, imperfect...I guess I expected too much from you and I made you suffer without me knowing it...I'm sorry for all the things I have done to you... :/

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love You :)
I love you and that is my one and only secret, I don't plan to let you know that I love you, all I want you to know is I want you to be happy not sad or moody, there isn't any bad reason I can think of not to love you, you are the sunshine that shines on me everyday, you were the one to cheer me up when I am sad, unhappy and so on...I don't want you to love me back in return, I just want to see you happy, always..... :)

A True Friend
A true friend is someone who can accpet all the changes you make and will try to help you with all your problems, they don't need to be your boyfriend, mother, father, brother or sister...People say, sometimes you can trust an outsider instead of your family...Even though you turn out bad in the future, a true friend will help you become the good person you once were,they can even sacrifice themself just to see you be happy again, just to see you safe, they can sacrifice everything they have just to help you, that is what a true friend is, there isn't any BEST FRIENDS, FRIENDS, GOOD FRIENDS....there are none...they all your friends but it is you who choose to see them as a true friend, and if you do that, that means you are giving all your faith, hope and trust to them and they will not make you regret ever thinking them as a true friend, that is what a true friend is and this is a fact that will never change...

It was him, not you

Sometimes I sit and wonder about us,whether we should be together but I always guessed wrongly, it wasn't you it was him...He was the one I was looking for, the one who I could be sure that he was the one that I could spend the other half of my life, the one who held the other side of the locket, it is all with him not you, he was the one who could make me feel protected in a way, but you couldn't, you only gave me fear, sadness and you let down all my hopes, they were all swept away in a blow because you weren't the one I was searching for, it is him, not you... :/


Friendship is something that brings us together but it is our choice to choose whether it is or not...sometimes they will be some problems but we are the ones who choose whether we want to face it or not if we don't want to do it then fine just let it be but the problem will grow bigger and bigger, we can't run away from it and it is very obvious and we all MUST face it someday so why run away now when you eventually have to face it...FRIENDSHIP is important, it is something that leads you to trusting someone who is not in your family...We should treasure friendship and when it shows itself remember to grab hold of it and never let it go because once you let go, it will never come back to you again...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I remember all the wonderful moments we had together...The first time we met, the first time we held hands, the first time you asked me to marry you...You gave me everything that I ever dreamed of having...YOU...Last time I thought, why should we take love seriously? And then, you showed up, you showed me that what I said before I met you was all rubbish...Everything that I need is you...You changed my life, you made me think differently, you made me see everything differently...It is all because of you...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Were NOT Meant For Each Other :'(

We were NOT meant for each other, just look at our puppies, they WERE meant for each other...They can find their one true love, but why can't we do it? I know we are together, but we don't think the same thing, we do not have the same heart, I gave you mine, but you didn't give me yours...You gave your heart to another, I could give you anything, even my life,but you couldn't...You couldn't do that for me, you would do that to the who you gave your heart to but not me...You can't give me your love, no matter how hard you try, your heart will still be with another... :'(

Friday, June 3, 2011

Together XD

Congradulations :) I wish you and her will have a great future together...You and her started from friends to good friends and from good friends to super good friends and from super good friends to a couple...You could go through so many steps together you SHOULD have a great future, at least your relationship can last long...You have all my blessings... :D

A Frown Can Turn Upside Down...

Any frown of mine can turn upside down if I see the smile that is always on your face...Any pain in my heart will go away if I can just see your face and I can feel the love that you are giving to me...As long as I can see you everything would be alright...You are the ray of sunshine inside my heart and nothing,no one can take yourplace in my heart :)

Because Of You... :')

No matter how sad I am, as long as I can see your face then my frown will turn upside down... You are the one that can change everything...You are the one that can make all the pain in my heart go away, because of your love, the way you smile at me, the way you laugh at my jokes although it isn't funny at all, because of you, it is all because of you...Youu are the most important thing inside of my heart...You are the only one that can make my change, you are the one who can change everything in my life with just a smile...

I Don't :'(

Do you remember the time when we first time we met each other? Do you remember the time when we first held hands? Do you remember the time when I said I love you and you said you love me too? Do you? Do you remember that time when I asked you to marry me, and what answer you gave me? I remember you said I DON'T. You said it, you said I don't to me...I guess you don't love me the way I love you...I will always remember the two words you said to said I don't to me and I will never forget that :'(

A Couple...

A couple who always fight meanas that they care for each other enough to notice what their lover has done, but a couple which does not fight means that they do care much for one another...

A One True Love :')

Love is something which you must earn youself, if you have a guy which belongs to you, he will be the one who will tell his friends how lucky he is to get you, the one who would be telling you how much he loves you, he will be the one who will stay awake and watch you sleep, he will be the one who will still love you although how ugly you look,he will be the one who would give up everything just to see you, he will be the one who would use his last breathe just to say I love you to you, he will be the one who tells everyone the proudest thing he has is you...his stories will never change when he is with you...he will never wanna part with you no matter how anothers force him to.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forget You

I remember that time when I was going to give you something when I saw you with another person, you were holding hands with that person, walking happily, I knew I couldn't be mad at you because we weren't together and you didn't love me...So I couldn't be mad at you...I felt heart broken but I gave both of you my blessing and to forget you.

Always In My Heart

I have always wanted to tell you something, a secret that was always hidden inside my heart. I love you, that's my secret, but I have something else I want to tell you, no matter how ugly you will look in the future, you will always be in my heart, no matter how evil you turn out in the future, I will always love you, even if you are married, you will always be in my heart, nobody can take your place in my heart, no matter how hard they try to take your place in my heart, you will forever be number one in my heart.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Will Wait For You Even If It Takes A Thousand Years :')

Why did this happen to me? You left me standing on the sea shore alone waiting for you to come, we planned to meet each other here, on our first date...I waited and waited for you to come but you didn't...I didn't give up, I still continued waiting...I waited from morning to night, you didn't turn up, I stood there, I could feel the sea water rushing against my legs....There I stood waiting for you, but you didn't turn up that night, I found out that loving someone was to wait for them in stead of being impatient...I decided to wait for you, no matter how long it takes, I will wait for you, I will wait, I will wait for a thousand years for you,only you.

I Remember :)

I remember, I remember you, I remember us, I remember the time when you said I love you to me, I remember the time when you first held my hand, I remember the time you made soup for me when I was sick, I remember the time when you asked me to marry you, I remember the time when we went on our first date, I remember, I remember all of it.... I will never wanna forget all the beautiful memories you gave me and I will never forget that :')

My Heart In A Thousand Pieces

One's first love is always perfect until one meets one's second love...Just like you, you did it, you met your second love and you dumped left me alone, crying on the beach, the sea water rushing to my legs, I felt like they were pulling me away, away from you, I wish it did, but it didn't...I'm alone now, I don't want to love anyone anymore, I remember the last thing you said to me before you left, you said that LOVE IS JUST A GAME, THERE ISN'T ANYONE WHO YOU COULD LOVE FOREVER..LOVE IS SOMETHING WHERE YOU FORGET ABOUT YOUR FIRST LOVE AND MAKE A MOVE ON TO ANOTHER. That was what you said to me, the last thing which left my heart in a thousand pieces. :'(

I Can't Remember Us :'(

I lost something important to me...I lost my memories, all of them, I can't remember a single thing, I can't remember you, I can't remember us, I can't, I just can't. You were trying to make me remember you, but I'm sorry, I just can't...I want to, but I can't. I can't remember a single thing about us, I don't feel anything when I am with you now, I don't love you, not anymore, after I lost my memory...I'm sorry, you should look for another better girl in stead of wasting your time on me, trying to make me remember you, although how hard I try to remember you, I just can't....I'm sorry.. :'(

We Are The Ones That Have Changed.. :/

All of us live in the same world but our lives are totally different. Everyone thinks that the world has changed but they were the ones who changed, the world was peaceful once and then people started war and that was the end of the peaceful world. We all live together in the same world, we can be counted as part of a family...People wants the world to be peaceful but some, they just can't see it that way, all they see are money and being rich, nothing more,nothing less, they just wanna be rich... :/

Never Letting You Go :')

I never want to let you go. You are the one thing that changed my whole life and I am glad we could love each other. At least we can love each other, I will never let you go, never let you suffer, never let you cry, never let your smile turn into a frown, never make you yawn, whatever problems you are facing, I will support you, I will always be by your side, always ready to comfort or hug you. I LOVE YOU and that is the thing I am most proud of. I want us to be together forever and ever never separating. Do you think the same way? YES,YOU DO! You love me too, thank you, for everything you have done for me. I will always be at your side even if we are in separate worlds, my heart will always be there for you to love...ALWAYS :') 

The Song You Wrote For Me

The keys of the piano reminds me of the first song you played for me on my birthday. That song was something worth treasuring, but now it isn't since we don't love each other anymore. After you played that song I couldn't stop smiling and saying thank you and I love you to you, but then we argued about something and then we separated..I threw away all the pictures and memories I had with you even the song you wrote for me. I threw away all my memories with you inside the dump.

U Smile, I Smile, Both Of Us Smile Together

Everyday, I see you frowning and crying you made me sad too. I wanted to tell you how I felt about you but your face showed me that it was not the right time to confess to you. I made a vow to myself, U SMILE, I SMILE, BOTH OF US SMILE TOGETHER.....

I Miss You :'(

I miss you, I know you don't wanna see me but I still miss you. Although we are separated and we our now in two separate worlds I still miss you. I miss all the times we had together. I miss the time when you said I love you to me and the time when we could enjoy the wonderful sunset together. I miss all the times I had with you, I miss you so much and that will never change.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Don't Want It Anymore

I don't want it anymore, I don't want love anymore. WHY? It is all because of you the way you hurt me, you did it over and over again. HOW COULD YOU?! The time when I gave you your birthday present that I made myself, I found it inside the dump all teared up and dirty. I asked you to come out to see me but you didn't turn up and when I asked you why all you answered was. I DIDN'T WANNA COME, I WAS BUSY. That was the answer you gave me every time. WHY? I didn't know your reason until I saw you asking another girl for marriage  I saw everything, I got all my answers. YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME, NOT EVEN A LITTLE. YOU LIED TO ME, but I know it isn't your fault but mine. I chose to believe you and to love you, but I know my choice was wrong, I SHOULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN TO TRUST OR LOVE YOU, all this was MY fault not yours.

Don't Judge Love By It's Cover

We shouldn't judge love by its cover, we could love a poor person, a person who always gets sick, a person in jail...We love them not because of their looks or their money we love them for who they are. Don't love someone just because of their money,looks or how famous they are but for who they are. We shouldn't crush our dreams just to get a person you don't even love, you shouldn't care what other people say behind your back, it is YOUR choice to choose who to love but not lie to yourself and everyone that you love this person in stead of this person. Everyone can lie to other people but they can't lie to themselves, they know what they want and they will try to achieve it but love is not this type of thing. There are no rules for love, no laws for love,nothing, but you should know yourself. If you are using some else's love to achieve the person you love, that means you don't even know what is love and you don't treasure what is in front of you.

I'm Still Here

I am a question to the world,not an answer to be heard,or a moment,that's held in your arms and what do you think you'd ever say, I won't listen anyway.You don't know me and I'll never be what you want me to be. And what do you think you'd understand I'm a boy,no, I'm a man. You can't take me and throw me away and how can you learn what's never shown? Yeah, you stand here on your own. They don't know me, cause I'm not here. And I want a moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel. Wanna hold on and feel I belong and how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same..they don't know me cause I'm not here. And you see the things they never see all you wanted I could be.Now you know me and I'm not afraid and I want to tell you who I am can you help me be a man? They can't break me as long as I know who I am.And I want a moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel. Wanna hold on and feel I belong and how can the world want me to change they're the ones that stay the same, they can't see me but I'm still here. They can't tell me who to be cause I'm not what they see. Yeah, the world is still sleeping while I keep on dreaming for me and their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe. And I want a moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel wanna hold on and feel I belong and how can they say I never changed? They're the ones that stay the same I'm the one now cause I'm still here. I'm the one cause I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm still here.....

Jar Of Hope

You bring me hope and dreams and you made me believe that miracles can happen and wishes can come true. Everyday, when I get home I will write down what I felt about you and then I will put it inside a jar, I keep it inside a jar and I will put the jar inside a cupboard where I keep all my memories    of you inside of it. Loving you brought me joy and hope even though you don't love me in return but it is okay, I understand.

I'll Give You My Heart

A heart inside a jar filled with water. I could give my heart to you, just to be together with you. Although I know you don't love me but you know that I love you and that is enough for me. Thanks to your brother, he let you know that I love you without letting me confess. My heart will always be yours to love, even if you are not feeling happy, my heart will bring you happiness and comfort. I would give everything to you if you just mention it no matter how hard it is to get it for you but still, I WILL give it to you. You made me change my whole lifestyle, you made me see the world once more. If you are sad, I will always be there to comfort you and my heart will never leave your side.

A Hidden Diary...

Everyone has a diary that is hidden inside their hearts, where their deep dark secrets are hidden but there is only one key which is held by heaven. A secret is we don't want to let other people know especially your loved ones, but WHO KNOWS? maybe one day all your deep dark secrets will be known by all.

A Lock And A Key, One For Each Of Us

A lock and a  a key, one for each of us...
I remember the time when you used a simple old key to open my huge lock inside my heart, the first time I could really learn how to love a person and receive their love back in return. The first time I could get so close to someone, the first time I could see how much love means to me, the first time I could feel the love someone was giving me. It was all because of you, because of your key you opened the huge lock inside my heart, all because of you, now you made me love you more than ever. I LOVE YOU, thank you for everything you have done for me. I will never forget it, it is all because of you and you key...

As Long As We're Together < 3

I have one wish and that is I want us to be together, no matter how long it takes for this wish to come true, I will wait. If my wish comes true, even if heaven gives just a minute for you to belong to me, I will also accept it. As long as I can hear those three words from you I will be happy, even if after you said it and just walked away, as long as we can be together I will be happy. My love to you will never change forever. As long as I can hear those three words coming out from your mouth I will be happy, even if it is just a joke I still will be happy to hear it coming out from your mouth.

I Will Wait For You

I will wait for you even if it takes one thousand years. Although I miss you, I know one day, even if I get to see you for just a second, I will never give up and I will wait for you. Even if the sun has set and the moon had gone up into the sky, I will still wait for you. If it is a cold winter night, I will wait for you, not caring about what people say about me, I will wait for you even if it takes a thousand years. No one will have a chance to take away your place inside my heart. I will wait for you, I hope I get to see you one day.

I Will Always Love You

I will always love you and that will never change, never. Even if you looked terrible after a car accident my love will never change. As long as I have you at my side I don't have anything to worry about. Even if you rejected my love over and over again, my love will never change. You were the one thing that changed my life, and I will not want you to leave me, so I will never give up until we are together.

Were We Really Meant To Be Together?

Me and you, we were meant to be together, but do you think the same thing? Did you think of marrying me? Do you think we could have a great future next time? Will we ever separate? Do you really love me? Do you EVEN love me? Do you? I guess not. You DON'T love me, not even a little, you gave me your answer on the day I said we were meant to be together. How could you?! Why did you do this to me?! I was left crying my heart out while you, you didn't even shed a tear! I watched, as YOU turned your back and walked away from me.

A Hope

I remember the first time me you went to this place together. It was the first and the last time we could be able to go there together. Two years later, you left me and that was when I went one more time, to look at the flowers, I looked at the flowers, the all withered, was it because you left me that's why they withered? I reached for the one and only flower that didn't wither, this gave me hope, a hope for you to come back to me.

Memories Floating Away...

My memories floating away just like bubbles, they were all leaving my mind, leaving my mind as empty as a plain white paper. Although I can't remember you now, I still have a feeling that I love you, I don't know whether you love me in return or not, but I have confirmed ONE thing and that is I love you and it will never change.

Why Did You Leave Me Alone Here?

Walking and walking below the sky feeling heartbroken, I felt a raindrop on my head, when I looked up, I saw the sky turning gray, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE HERE? that was my question for you. It was because of you, you left me alone HERE while you are far far away from me in a world that we will never get another chance to see each other again.


Reaching out for a beautiful flower just in front of me, I realized that my problem, which is you, has gone. As I stand there looking at the flower I remembered how important you are to me, I realized I never wanna let you go and that you were the MOST important thing to me, the one thing I treasure the most.

Because Of This Flower...

Standing on a lotus leaf looking at a small lotus flower. It reminds me of how I first met you. That wonderful feeling inside if me, making me feel like everything is beautiful when I first met you. That beautiful flower glows in the dark, bringing back all the memories I shared with you, because of this flower, made me think about you.

My Secret

Standing on a rock and holding a rainbow colored tin letting all the bubbles flow out of it. Seeing all the bubbles floating out of tin and slowly dissapearing into the bright blue endless sky. As the  bubbles are floating away, I see that there is nothing better than to feel free under the open sky. Seeing the bubbles float away, I wsih I could also be like them floating away in the free blue sky in stead of standing here feeling owned and not free. That is my secret to feel free like bubbles and float to anywhere I like.

Waiting For You

Looking out the window, watching the rain drops drop onto the ground. Waiting for the rain to stop, I think of your face, thinking of your face brings me hope and dreams, in stead of sorrow and anger. My angel wings come out as I am waiting for the rain to stop. I will wait for you forever because you are the most importaqnt thing to me.

Me And You, Enjoying The Sunset

Under a wonderful sunset, me and you sits on a bench enjoying it together. The beautiful endless sky, looking at the sun sinking beneath the ocean while the white snowy moon rises up ready to light up the entire night. Me and you, I wonder how long our relationship could last and how many times we can enjoy this beautiful sunset together~

A Dream Come True

A dream come true, everyone is looking for a dream come true. A dream doesn't mean it can't come true. People wants to look for their dream come true, they must climb the highest ladder which reaches up into the sky and touches the clouds where you can find a dream of yours which can come true just when you say it.

Our Secret Garden~

Me and you. You and me. Both of us together enjoying every moment we can together in our SECRET GARDEN. The ONE place where we can both relax,have fun, enjoy ourselves and keeping our secrets hidden inside our garden. Plenty of blooming flowers waiting for spring to come and winter to go. The one and only place where we can both be together enjoying ourselves and treasuring all the time we have together. Me and you, you and me, both of us together in our SECRET GARDEN.

The Tears You Gave Me

The tears you gave me were all so painful. I could never forget what you have done to me. Although you don't belong to me, I still think you are important as a friend. You hurt me over and over again. My tears will keep flowing whenever I see you. One day, my tears might even be the dew drops you see every morning. They were all so painful leaaving me crying alone watching you slowly walking away from me. Wathching you go further and further I thought I don't ever want to shed a tear in front of you anymore cause my tears will never stop when I see you. 

Special Memories We Share

Memories were meant to last in your heart. My first and last memory with you was my FAVORITE but that was also the WORST memory I have. I remember that part when we were enjoying ourselves inside a cave we could enjoy a beautiful sunset together before you left me alone crying by myself with no one to comfort me. The tide came in and it took you away from me. My heart was broken at that moment and I knew we will NEVER see each other again. My heart will never be healed until I can see your face one last time.

A Jar Of Hearts And Love

Looking and looking for the right one, the right heart which is worth loving. There are many people on earth worth loving but loving someone means you have to pay a price. Loving someone means you have to learn to let go,wait and be patient. Maybe your loved one is cheating on you, you must learn how to handle this instead of breaking up. You must learn how to find out why your loved one did this to you. Maybe it is something you did wrong to make him cheat on you. 

Jar Of Love

A simple and stable jar full of stars..but that is not the only thing that this jar of stars contain. They are filled with hope, wishes,dreams and love, but when the jar falls all the hope,wishes,dreams and love will all vanish and all that is left is just an empty old jar with nothing in it no wishes,dreams, hope and love.