Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Judge Love By It's Cover

We shouldn't judge love by its cover, we could love a poor person, a person who always gets sick, a person in jail...We love them not because of their looks or their money we love them for who they are. Don't love someone just because of their money,looks or how famous they are but for who they are. We shouldn't crush our dreams just to get a person you don't even love, you shouldn't care what other people say behind your back, it is YOUR choice to choose who to love but not lie to yourself and everyone that you love this person in stead of this person. Everyone can lie to other people but they can't lie to themselves, they know what they want and they will try to achieve it but love is not this type of thing. There are no rules for love, no laws for love,nothing, but you should know yourself. If you are using some else's love to achieve the person you love, that means you don't even know what is love and you don't treasure what is in front of you.

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