Sunday, June 5, 2011


I remember all the wonderful moments we had together...The first time we met, the first time we held hands, the first time you asked me to marry you...You gave me everything that I ever dreamed of having...YOU...Last time I thought, why should we take love seriously? And then, you showed up, you showed me that what I said before I met you was all rubbish...Everything that I need is you...You changed my life, you made me think differently, you made me see everything differently...It is all because of you...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Were NOT Meant For Each Other :'(

We were NOT meant for each other, just look at our puppies, they WERE meant for each other...They can find their one true love, but why can't we do it? I know we are together, but we don't think the same thing, we do not have the same heart, I gave you mine, but you didn't give me yours...You gave your heart to another, I could give you anything, even my life,but you couldn't...You couldn't do that for me, you would do that to the who you gave your heart to but not me...You can't give me your love, no matter how hard you try, your heart will still be with another... :'(

Friday, June 3, 2011

Together XD

Congradulations :) I wish you and her will have a great future together...You and her started from friends to good friends and from good friends to super good friends and from super good friends to a couple...You could go through so many steps together you SHOULD have a great future, at least your relationship can last long...You have all my blessings... :D

A Frown Can Turn Upside Down...

Any frown of mine can turn upside down if I see the smile that is always on your face...Any pain in my heart will go away if I can just see your face and I can feel the love that you are giving to me...As long as I can see you everything would be alright...You are the ray of sunshine inside my heart and nothing,no one can take yourplace in my heart :)

Because Of You... :')

No matter how sad I am, as long as I can see your face then my frown will turn upside down... You are the one that can change everything...You are the one that can make all the pain in my heart go away, because of your love, the way you smile at me, the way you laugh at my jokes although it isn't funny at all, because of you, it is all because of you...Youu are the most important thing inside of my heart...You are the only one that can make my change, you are the one who can change everything in my life with just a smile...

I Don't :'(

Do you remember the time when we first time we met each other? Do you remember the time when we first held hands? Do you remember the time when I said I love you and you said you love me too? Do you? Do you remember that time when I asked you to marry me, and what answer you gave me? I remember you said I DON'T. You said it, you said I don't to me...I guess you don't love me the way I love you...I will always remember the two words you said to said I don't to me and I will never forget that :'(

A Couple...

A couple who always fight meanas that they care for each other enough to notice what their lover has done, but a couple which does not fight means that they do care much for one another...

A One True Love :')

Love is something which you must earn youself, if you have a guy which belongs to you, he will be the one who will tell his friends how lucky he is to get you, the one who would be telling you how much he loves you, he will be the one who will stay awake and watch you sleep, he will be the one who will still love you although how ugly you look,he will be the one who would give up everything just to see you, he will be the one who would use his last breathe just to say I love you to you, he will be the one who tells everyone the proudest thing he has is you...his stories will never change when he is with you...he will never wanna part with you no matter how anothers force him to.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forget You

I remember that time when I was going to give you something when I saw you with another person, you were holding hands with that person, walking happily, I knew I couldn't be mad at you because we weren't together and you didn't love me...So I couldn't be mad at you...I felt heart broken but I gave both of you my blessing and to forget you.

Always In My Heart

I have always wanted to tell you something, a secret that was always hidden inside my heart. I love you, that's my secret, but I have something else I want to tell you, no matter how ugly you will look in the future, you will always be in my heart, no matter how evil you turn out in the future, I will always love you, even if you are married, you will always be in my heart, nobody can take your place in my heart, no matter how hard they try to take your place in my heart, you will forever be number one in my heart.