Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Smile Can Change Everything :)

Sometimes when a person is sad, seeing that the people you care about smiling at you and saying everything is okay, it changes everything, as long as you can feel the warmth from that smile, no matter how moody you are the warm smile will change everything :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nobody Is Perfect :)

Sometimes I sit and wonder about the imperfect world, was it because of us? Was it what god wanted to happen to us? I always sat and wondered about these things, but now I got my answer, nobody is perfect, everyone will make mistakes, it isn't what god wanted, god was always trying to help us make the world better, the way I think is also about you, you are just like everyone else, imperfect...I guess I expected too much from you and I made you suffer without me knowing it...I'm sorry for all the things I have done to you... :/

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love You :)
I love you and that is my one and only secret, I don't plan to let you know that I love you, all I want you to know is I want you to be happy not sad or moody, there isn't any bad reason I can think of not to love you, you are the sunshine that shines on me everyday, you were the one to cheer me up when I am sad, unhappy and so on...I don't want you to love me back in return, I just want to see you happy, always..... :)

A True Friend
A true friend is someone who can accpet all the changes you make and will try to help you with all your problems, they don't need to be your boyfriend, mother, father, brother or sister...People say, sometimes you can trust an outsider instead of your family...Even though you turn out bad in the future, a true friend will help you become the good person you once were,they can even sacrifice themself just to see you be happy again, just to see you safe, they can sacrifice everything they have just to help you, that is what a true friend is, there isn't any BEST FRIENDS, FRIENDS, GOOD FRIENDS....there are none...they all your friends but it is you who choose to see them as a true friend, and if you do that, that means you are giving all your faith, hope and trust to them and they will not make you regret ever thinking them as a true friend, that is what a true friend is and this is a fact that will never change...

It was him, not you

Sometimes I sit and wonder about us,whether we should be together but I always guessed wrongly, it wasn't you it was him...He was the one I was looking for, the one who I could be sure that he was the one that I could spend the other half of my life, the one who held the other side of the locket, it is all with him not you, he was the one who could make me feel protected in a way, but you couldn't, you only gave me fear, sadness and you let down all my hopes, they were all swept away in a blow because you weren't the one I was searching for, it is him, not you... :/


Friendship is something that brings us together but it is our choice to choose whether it is or not...sometimes they will be some problems but we are the ones who choose whether we want to face it or not if we don't want to do it then fine just let it be but the problem will grow bigger and bigger, we can't run away from it and it is very obvious and we all MUST face it someday so why run away now when you eventually have to face it...FRIENDSHIP is important, it is something that leads you to trusting someone who is not in your family...We should treasure friendship and when it shows itself remember to grab hold of it and never let it go because once you let go, it will never come back to you again...