Friday, July 8, 2011

A True Friend
A true friend is someone who can accpet all the changes you make and will try to help you with all your problems, they don't need to be your boyfriend, mother, father, brother or sister...People say, sometimes you can trust an outsider instead of your family...Even though you turn out bad in the future, a true friend will help you become the good person you once were,they can even sacrifice themself just to see you be happy again, just to see you safe, they can sacrifice everything they have just to help you, that is what a true friend is, there isn't any BEST FRIENDS, FRIENDS, GOOD FRIENDS....there are none...they all your friends but it is you who choose to see them as a true friend, and if you do that, that means you are giving all your faith, hope and trust to them and they will not make you regret ever thinking them as a true friend, that is what a true friend is and this is a fact that will never change...

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